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Nachhilfe in Halle - Englisch, Biologie

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06120 Halle (Saale)
Hello, I am Bennet, PhD student at the Martin Luther University, Halle. I am currently working in the field of Biology with specialisation in Phytopathology. I studied Biotechnology during my Bachelors and Plant Sciences during my Masters. I would like to encourage and help students achieve their dream to know more about Biology. I am motivated in this field and would like to share my knowledge that I have obtained so far. I have student assistant experiences during my Bachelors and Masters. This would help me to guide students in an enlightened way. I try to give classes in English too. I am currently learning German and will be able to communicate much better in near future.

Research is the backbone of all innovations. I have been doing research in the field of Plants and Microbes since 6 years. I wanted to help students to get to know more about this field. Scientists are very important in this modern era and I would like to motivate students to become one. I offer a cheap price for tutoring as I would just do this as a part-time job and any one interested can contact me. I offer tuition classes from Primary to High school. The knowledge I have gained so far will be helpful for students to do their studies and exam well.

I am looking forward to meeting you. Thank you.

Fächer, in denen ich dir helfen kann:

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